10 amazing things to do in Barcelona

Some time ago I and my friends visited Barcelona. The city instantly captured my heart and I couldn’t decide where to go first. To make it easier for all of you, I collected my top things you should do in Barcelona in this blog post.

By the way, if you want to find out more about my trip, or just don’t feel like reading: Here’s a video I created during my first time in Barcelona.

A video I made during my first stay in Barcelona

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Views from the cable car

#1 Visit Montjuic

Montjuic is a hill in the heart of Barcelona. It is located close to the beach and also easily reachable from the city centre, too.

To get up Montjuic you can either go by car or use the cable railway. The cable railway also offers a spectacular view of the city and the sea. Due to the long waiting hours, you should make sure to already line up in the morning. Otherwise, you could have to wait up to two hours.

There is an average waiting time of about an hour, but it actually goes by fast. That’s because a part of the time is spent in the tower where the railway starts. There you get stunning views of Barcelona.

Once you arrived at Montjuic, you can see a restaurant right on the hillside. It is actually quite inexpensive (for a restaurant located at a tourist hotspot) and the paella also tasted really good.

Once you’re fed up and ready to go, you can start exploring. One things you should visit is the famous castle of Montjuic, with its breathtaking architecture.

Barcelona at dawn

#2 Explore Barcelona’s nightlife

Barcelona, as well as the majority of other cities in Spain, never sleeps (at least not at night). There are a ton of clubs along the beach which most of the time have several floors.

A little tip: Make sure to walk through the streets where the clubs are a bit, before buying a ticket. Chances are actually high that you get approached by a promoter.

He may be offering you free entry to a certain club. We got a free entry to Shoko and even found some people who promoted for Opium, Catwalk or Pacha, too.

Laura got some Jamon

#3 Visit the market

The Barcelona market is located in a beautiful district called “Barri Gotic”. It offers a lot of gastronomic specialities like, for example, spices, fruits, vegetables and the famous Jámon.

Furthermore, you can also find a lot of locally produced products you can also bring home as souvenirs. Also, a friend told me that in the centre of the market, the prices sink. So make sure not to buy everything right away when entering the market.

The cathedral on top of Tibidabo

#4 Tibidabo

Tibidabo is a hill located at the edge of Barcelona. You can easily access it by using public transport and then taking the cable railway.

Up the hill, you can enjoy a broad view of the city. There is also an amusement park and a cathedral at the top of Tibidabo.

The amusement park costs 27€ and visiting the cathedral is free. Nevertheless, if you want to go up the spire and look at Barcelona from an even higher point, you have to spend some money.

The Kiss of freedom

# 5 Marvel at the “kiss of freedom”

Hidden in a small side street in the “Barri Gotic” you can find the famous “Kiss of Freedom“. This enormous artwork was created by Joan Fontcuberta in 2014.

When you look closely, you can see it is actually a mosaic made out of individual pictures showing “a moment of freedom”. These pictures were actually collected from people around the world.

I would really recommend going there and taking some time to look at the single pictures and the whole.

My friends at Parc Güell

#6 Take a stroll through Parc Güell

Park Güell is a huge park close to Tibidabo. It is especially known for the artworks of the famous artist Gaudi, which are places all around the park. If you want to see his work from close-up though, I would recommend booking some tickets ahead.

That’s because there aren’t just long waiting times, but it’s also possible that the tickets are already sold out. Nevertheless, don’t worry if you don’t get a ticket, the landscapes and views at the park are beautiful and totally worth a visit, too.

The vegan burger at Maka Maka

#7 Get some burgers at Maka Maka

One of my favourite evenings was the one we decided to get some burgers and Sangria at Maka Maka.

Maka Maka is a lovely restaurant near the beach. It has a welcoming charm and offers a beautiful view of the sunset when you sit outside. The burgers there are unique and very good and they do offer vegan ones, too.

With the sangria, the burgers and the sunset, this evening was a perfect ending to a perfect day. No matter what time you visit, Maka Maka will not fail to make you feel at home.

Website: www.makamaka.es

Clara at the Parc de la Ciutadella

#8 Relax at the Parc de la Ciutadella

Parc de la cittadella is an idyllic park located in Barcelonas inner city. It offers a lot of different places to explore and rest a little. We sat down on a huge field of grass where a lot of different people met each other.

Looking around you could see some people doing sports, acrobatics and all kinds of stuff. It really seemed like a little hotspot for talented people.

A place I also loved was a little “island” located in a pond. There, you could find all kinds of different animals. You could also rent a boat and paddle through the pond.

Chiara in front of la Catedral

#9 Stroll through the old town

Barcelona has a beautiful old town with a lot of unique architectural constructions and small side streets. In the old town, you’ll find some small local shops, artists and restaurants.

Also, make sure to visit the Cathedral of Barcelona which rises in between all the smaller buildings. Furthermore, the kiss of freedom and the market I mentioned before can be found close by.

Barcelonas harbour

#10 Visit the harbour and the beach

Barcelona doesn’t only offer beautiful architecture and viewpoints, but it’s also located on the ocean. You can either take a stroll along the beach, go swimming or visit the harbour.

The harbour is full of unique artworks. You can find a beautifully constructed bridge or a giant lobster on your walk. Make sure to bring your camera and just walk around a little to discover the art Barcelona has to offer.

When you’re exhausted afterwards you can either visit Maka Maka, or one of the many restaurants along the beach.

I hope you liked the post and leave me your tips for Barcelona in the comments!


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