Things to do in Alicante, Spain

Last summer my family and I spent our vacation in Alicante in Spain. At first glance, the city seemed quite monotone, but when you stroll around for a bit you discover quite a few beautiful places. In this blog post, I collected all of these gems for you. View from the castle #1 Visit Castillo [...]

Food Adventures- Where to eat in Bucharest

Some time ago I visited Bucharest with some friends. We rented an Airbnb with a nice terrace and spent most of our time wandering through the city. However, our kitchen was completely flooded, so we never cooked, but ate at different places or ordered some food instead. Doing that, we discovered some really amazing and [...]

10 Plastic-free swaps for a low-waste home

10 Plastic-free swaps for a low-waste home

In one of my previous articles "Things to consider before you buy plastic", I talked about some of the disadvantages of plastic in our economy. As a result of those findings, I want to reduce the amount of plastic I waste. In order to accomplish that, I am going to write down a plastic-free shopping [...]