The best hipster places to eat in Amsterdam, Netherlands! (Vegan friendly)

If you know me then you may know that one of my favourite things to do when exploring a new city is to eat.

I just love discovering new cafés and restaurants and I’d literally spend all day trying out new stuff if it wasn’t that expensive.

Anyways, I made it to a few cool restaurants and cafés during my recent trip to Amsterdam and I’d love to share them with you!

#1 The Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club is a chain that currently maintains three restaurants in Amsterdam. We went to the one in Bellamystraat and as we got the menu, I really couldn’t decide what to get.

They have a lot of different options for breakfast and all of them sound really delicious. Finally, we went for some Eggs Benedict, an Avocado Toast and The Breakfast Club Sandwich (more pictures below).

Everything tasted really good, the Sandwich was a little bit dry though and the Eggs Benedict with the sauce hollandaise was our favourite. Also, the Avocado Toast tasted great and even if it doesn’t sound like a lot, it definitely is enough.


#2 Vegan Junk Food Bar

Vegan burgers and fries

If you are looking for a nice and filling place to have lunch or dinner at, I would recommend the Vegan Junk Food Bar.

This restaurant can be found at two locations in Amsterdam and both are really well-visited. The staff is super nice and open-minded and there is an overall good atmosphere.

As the name already says, everything served in this place is 100% vegan. We had some burgers and fries and every sauce on the menu. All of it tasted good and fresh (also to my boyfriend, who isn’t that much into vegan food) and we were fed up afterwards.

Their spicy VJFB sauce was so good that we didn’t want to leave anything of it, but we were too full to get another portion of the fries. Next time I’m there I’m going to try their Shawarma as it looks delicious on the pictures online. If you’ve tried it, please leave me a comment and tell me what you think!


Sticky Fingers café
Sticky Fingers

#3 Sticky Fingers

On the ground floor of the Conscious Hotel Tire Station, you can find a cute Café called Sticky Fingers. There, you can find all kinds of Sweets, Coffee and Ice Cream.

The atmosphere is super cute, and it is a perfect place to meet friends or get some stuff done. Also, the wall-art looks pretty cool. When you’re done with your coffee, you can also look at their shop a little bit, they have a lot of different environmental-friendly products there.


Ramen at Ramen-ya

#4 Ramen-ya

When searching for some Asian restaurants in Amsterdam (I really need my Asian food once a week), I found out that there were actually quite a lot there. One dish I found at a lot of restaurants were ramen. The two main ramen-chains existing in Amsterdam are “Fow Fow Ramen” and “Ramen-ya”.

Though Ramen-ya was the one with less five-star ratings, we decided to try the ramen there. The menu already had a lot of different options and you could also adjust your meal, by adding some extra toppings.

A vegan dish is currently not available, because the noodles themselves do have eggs in them. We took two servings of vegetarian ramen (one with Kimchi instead of the egg) and the chicken ones.

Both tasted really good and in contrast to a lot of other vegetarian soups I had, this one was really substantial. The chicken ramen where good, too and pretty aromatic.


Food at a table
Food at Shabu Shabu

#5 Shabu Shabu

On our first day in Amsterdam, we were kind of shocked that all-you-can-eat restaurants there are super expensive. A lot of them are between 26 and 30€ and definitely pretty over-priced. However, since we didn’t eat anything the whole day, we decided to get dinner at one of them. Shabu Shabu was the one that caught our attention.

They had all kinds of sushi, make, meat and meatless dishes and some stuff we’ve never tried before. We took the all-you-can-eat and drink option for 32,5€ per Person, (I know what you think and no, I don’t know how I could afford that) at lunch it is actually 10€ cheaper, so make sure you go at that time. And it was so good.

All of the dishes tasted amazing and due to the variety of the menu, we had a hard time trying everything we wanted to try. The system there was an all-you-can-eat a la card, so you could basically order everything you want via tablet and they would bring it to your table. I definitely don’t regret spending so much money there (since we had three meals in one), but currently, I wouldn’t visit it regularly ( money issues).

Make sure to visit it on a day you’re really hungry and it’s literally going to feel like heaven on earth.


Milkshakes at the Corner Bakery

#6 Corner Bakery

Before going to Amsterdam, I decided to prepare myself for the journey by watching some vlogs. While bingeing on one of Zoellas 40 minute video of Amsterdam (why was I even still going, I already saw practically everything) I found out about a place called Corner Bakery and the enormous milkshakes they offer.

I instantly decided that I wanted to go there with my friends and try them. (by the way: they don’t have a vegan option of this milkshake since it’s made out of pre-made ice-cream) Anyways, we gave the strawberry and the banana one a try and both of them tasted a lot better and less sweet than expected.

Furthermore, they also have a lot of other stuff on their menu and all of it looked really good, so the Corner Bakery is definitely a must-visit, even if you’re not that much into sweets.


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