Where to eat in Bucharest, Romania! (Vegan friendly)

Some time ago I visited Bucharest with some friends. We rented an Airbnb with a nice terrace and spent most of our time wandering through the city.

However, our kitchen was completely flooded, so we never cooked, but ate at different places or ordered some food instead.

Doing that, we discovered some really amazing and not so great places in Bucharest, I want to tell you about today.

Gyoza at Edo sushi

#1 Edo Sushi

Edo sushi was our all-time favourite place in Bucharest. Seriously, I wish I could have one in Vienna. We first discovered the restaurant on takeaway.com, when we decided that we wanted to have some sushi for dinner. It tasted so good that we decided to go there the next day.

I had the vegan maki mix and a mushroom udon soup both times, and I was really content with hat choice. The soup just had a delicious flavour and what I loved about the maki, was that they had some with beancurd and wakame, which I haven’t had somewhere else before.

website: https://edo-sushi.ro

Food at la Fabrica
Food at la Fabrica

#2 La Fabrica

To be fair, I’m pretty sure this one is actually intended to be a bar and not a restaurant, but we still went there for lunch. The premises were cool and there was also a small second-hand shop next to the restaurant. However, the food wasn’t really good. 

We had some bruschetta, two different quesadillas, a pizza and a burger (yes, we were hungry) and it all looked pretty good. However, the taste was kind of bland, and I’m pretty sure most of the food was frozen food they just had to bake.

We didn’t finish our meal and decided to take the rest of it with us. It may be a nice snack when you’re having some drinks in the evening, but I definitely wouldn’t go there for the food. 

website: https://fabrica-club.ro

Avocado Toast at Frudisiac

#3 Frudisiac

Frudisiac was a good and healthy restaurant. We decided to have some breakfast there and there were quite a few different dishes.

I had an Avocado toast and a mushroom and asparagus bread without the poached egg. As soon as I ordered she asked me if I wanted extra Avocado instead of the egg (for free) and I instantly loved it there. 

The staff was super friendly, and the food tasted delicious. I never had a mushroom toast for breakfast before, but I loved the idea, and I do make it for breakfast from time to time. 

The other dishes tasted really good, too and I would definitely recommend you to go there when you’re in Bucharest!

website: https://www.facebook.com/frudisiac/


#4 Toan’s

We decided to get some food before checking into the Airbnb and as we all love Vietnamese food, we decided to stop by Toan’s.

The restaurant was empty when we arrived, but the staff was nice and courteous. We ordered some summer rolls, Pho, and Bánh mì. It all tasted good and I just recently found out that Toan’s is actually a Vietnamese chain restaurant.

However, the one we were at felt nothing like a chain restaurant. It was beautiful, the food was good, and the staff was lovely. So if you’re ever in Bucharest and crave some Vietnamese food, I’d definitely recommend it.

website: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Toans/443737658999814

A bicycle store

#5 Lvev

After our meal at Toan’s, we decided to get some coffee at the cute place we found next to it. The cafe was a mixture of a hipster place and a bicycle store and with its two floors, was just really comfortable and unusual.

We ordered some coffee downstairs and the barista brought it up. However, we didn’t like the taste of the coffee very much. It tasted a little weird and different to us, and we would describe the taste as a mixture of coffee and beer.

I’m pretty sure the reason for the unusual taste wasn’t the café, because the coffee tasted like this at another place, too. Anyway, I don’t know if it was a certain brand of coffee or the water, but we just weren’t that much into the flavour.

Besides that, the café was really comfortable and everyone was corteous. I also loved that little bicycle store and the atmosphere.

website: https://www.facebook.com/pages/LVEV/204365220219888


Efendi Döner

This one was just a little takeaway kebab place. However, I have to mention it because we went there after going out at night and everyone was super friendly. Also, their falafel durum was vegan, and all the food tasted so good.

website: https://www.facebook.com/efendidoner/

Social 1 Restaurant
Social 1

Social 1

We only had some coffee at Social 1, so I don’t know what the food there tastes like, but it looked pretty good. It would’ve definitely been a place I’d check out if we stayed longer.

website: https://www.social1.ro

The Urbanist restaurant
The Urbanist

The Urbanist

The Urbanist is another place I would’ve loved to go to, but didn’t have the time. They offer some food, drinks and clothing! I don’t really know whether it’s good, but there were quite a few people there, so I guess so. Also: They have brunch!

website: https://www.theurbanist.ro

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