Where to eat in Budapest, Hungary! (Vegan friendy)

Breakfast pancakes

So today, I want to show you all the restaurants and cafés we’ve been to in Budapest, Hungary! When we went to Budapest, we actually rented an Airbnb, but the kitchen was quite small. Therefore, we decided to eat out every single day and got to eat in quite a few different locations. Here are the places we visited with some helpful tips if you want to get there, and reviews of our food in Budapest!

A little disclaimer: As I am plant-based, all of those places have vegan options. Furthermore, you will not find traditional Hungarian food in this post, as a lot of their dishes are based on animal products.

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#1 Szimply


Szimply is a rather small restaurant serving beautifully arranged dishes. We went there for breakfast and both got a combo menu, where we get the main dish and a dessert of our choice.

I had an Avocado toast and oatmeal for the second course. Huan had some chicken risotto and pancakes for the second course. All of it was served with different fruits and veggies and looked mouthwatering. It also tasted delicious and was filling. They also brought us a little raspberry sorbet as an appetiser beforehand.

However, their menu changes quite often, so I’m not sure whether they’ll still have those dishes when you visit.

Szimply is located in a small inner courtyard that can be accessed through a small street. Furthermore, if you plan to go there, make sure to take into account that you will probably have to wait a few minutes to get a table as it is pretty small there. We arrived at about 11 a.m. and had to wait for 25 minutes.

However, that wasn’t that big of a problem as we got a little alert that would ring when our table was ready, so we could go for a coffee, or go shopping a little in the meantime.


#2 Tokio

Maki at Tokio

Tokio is located close to the famous chain bridge. It’s interior looks amazing and is full of neon signs.

You can either sit inside or outside, on Zrinyi utca, which is full of different restaurants. However, I’d recommend booking a table if you want to sit outside, as it may be crowded (especially during dinner time).

We ordered some appetisers, maki and a bowl of udon soup. Everything was really good, but the restaurant, in general, is more on the pricey side. A lot of people were also getting drinks and they have a huge choice of homemade cocktails.


#3 Horizont

Horizont interior

On the last morning before our departure, we went to Horizont. Horizont is a café located next to the famous “New York Palace Café” which is also called the most beautiful café in the world.

However, as breakfast at New York Palace was quite expensive and seemed like nothing special, we decided to visit Horizont and didn’t regret it. The breakfast reminded us of the one at Szimply and was also beautifully prepared.

We had some Avocado Toast and some eggs Benedict with salmon on a black coloured waffle. However, their menu also changes on a regular basis, so I can’t guarantee that they’ll have it when you’re there.

As I maintain a vegan lifestyle, I actually ordered the avocado toast without the egg. It still had some yoghurt sauce (which wasn’t listed in the menu), so if you’re also vegan, I’d recommend just asking them for a vegan version, so you won’t be surprised like me.

Everything was really good and even a little better than our breakfast at Szimply. We only had one course here, but we were still sated and content.


#4 Mazel Tov

Vegan Falafel Sandwich

Mazel Tov was the first restaurant we visited after our arrival. From the moment on, when you enter its doors, you already feel like you’re in a different city. I can’t even describe where, but it all feels very warm and light.

Needless to say, the atmosphere there was beautiful. We loved all the plants and the huge garden we sat in. The tables were limited to two hours, but we didn’t feel stressed at all.

We had some food, but you can also go there for some drinks at night. However if you do, you will probably have to wait for a little to get in as it becomes really crowded in the evening.

We had a falafel pita, Shawarma and a Babaganoush to share. Their whole menu looked really delicious and there were actually quite a lot of dishes I’d love to try. They also sell a cookbook full of their recipes there among a few other merchandise articles.


#5 Yamato

Korean bbq and Bibimbap

We decided to go for some Korean BBQ for my friends birthday as it is one of her favourite dishes. Yamato was a restaurant we found on the internet and weren’t sure whether we should go there as a lot of the reviews were really good, but there were also a few pretty bad ones.

However, we still went and didn’t regret it at all. The pricing was okay and the dishes were really good. We also loved their choice as you could have some BBQ to grill on the table, Hot Pot, or some other typical dishes.

We ordered two starter sets for the BBQ which came with different sides like Kimchi, Sprout salads and salad leaves and all kinds of different dips. (If you’re vegan, just tell them that you don’t need the yoghurt dip).

For the grill my friend ordered some meat (they have a few different meaty dishes) and I had some vegetable Bulgogi, which basically was a bunch of different marinated veggies. Both were good and worth the price.

We decided to also get a vegetable Bibimbap to share. They accidentally brought us two, but we didn’t mind and just took the rest of everything with us for our train ride back to Vienna on the next day.

If you like Korean food or want to try something new, I’d recommend visiting Yamato. I don’t think that the reviews on Google should be taken for granted as everything tasted delicious, the staff was super nice and I’d definitely come back!


#6 Quan Non

vegetable pho

Quan Non was a Vietnamese restaurant we always saw on the way back to our Airbnb, so one day we decided to get some Pho there.

We got some vegetable pho, vegetable dumplings and seafood pho. All of it was fine, although the broth of the vegetable pho was rather bland. Furthermore, there weren’t a lot of garnishments coming with the food as usually.

Even though there was some Maggi, we had no soy sauce or similar on the table to season the food. However, there was still some Sriracha to make it spicy.

All in all Quan Non was nothing special when it comes to Vietnamese food, but it also wasn’t bad. I’d still check out another place next time I visit Budapest. However, it’s quite inexpensive, so if you need a quick lunch, you can visit one of their three locations.


#7 Vintage Garden

Vintage Garden interior

After our visit at the museum of Sweets and Selfies, we decided to get a coffee at a place close-by.

We decided to go to Vintage Garden, a restaurant and Café with a really cute aesthetic. You could sit outside in a little yard where everything was decorated nicely and looked pretty put together.

We didn’t eat there, but the food looked and smelled quite delicious. We had an iced coffee (which there usually comes with ice cream), orange juice, water and a mango lemonade.

The atmosphere there was lovely and everyone was super nice. If you like cute things and flowers, you should definitely go there and have some drinks or try their food!


#8 Cat Café

Cat drinking water

One stop I make in almost every city is the cat café. I just love the principle of it and, as the one in Bratislava, this one also provides a home for former stray cats in Budapest.

The interior was big and everyone was super nice. We had some Hazelnut Lattes with soy milk to drink. The cats weren’t shy and some of them even jumped on the tables to get some attention. There were quite a lot of cats, but only some where there, as they could go into the basement or to rest anytime. I really appreciate that, as they don’t have to constantly be around the customers.

By the way, some of the cats were Maine Coon cats, which are really big and have super soft fur. As I never saw ones like these before, I thought it was cool to get to know them, too.


#9 Bloom Coffee

Bloom Coffee interior

Bloom Coffee was a small café we found on our way back from Fisherman’s Bastion (the first time we went, not during the sunrise). We both loved the interior and the menu there. As fans of chai latte, we both got a chai latte with rice milk and I got an extra shot of espresso in mine.

I didn’t have a sandwich, but the food there also looked really good and they even had vegan options! Furthermore, you could get some water for free, and I loved the products they sold beside the food and drinks. (They had a really cool looking coffee cup, but I didn’t get it cause I already have one.) All in all, it was a super sweet and friendly café you should visit on your way back from Fisherman’s Bastion.


#10 Vegan Garden

Vegan Burger

When I first heard of Vegan Garden I was really surprised. I didn’t expect to find a lot of vegan food in Budapest, as a lot of their local cuisine is based on meat, but there were actually quite a few vegan restaurants there.

Vegan Garden was a little different. It’s an urban backyard (in the centre), with some vegan fast food trucks. You could get some different Burgers and nuggets at Las Vegans (their carrot bacon tastes amazing), Mexican food at Vexicana, Oriental dishes at Kristof’s and some ice and sweets at B’Nice.

We got a Hot Cheezy Burger, vegan nuggets (which we liked a lot!), and a quesadilla with Nachos. We liked all the dishes, but the quesadilla was my personal favourite. The only thing I didn’t like that much was the cheese sauce we had with the nuggets because it was a little too thick for my taste. However, everything else tasted amazing, and they also got some other sauces for you to try.


I hope I could help you find some nice restaurant in Budapest! If you’re looking for some more things to do there, make sure to check out my previous post: 10 Things to do in Budapest!


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