My Top 5 tools and websites for Bloggers!

Blogging is fun, but sometimes quite a lot of work. However, since I started this blog, I discovered quite a few websites and applications I nowadays use daily.

In this post, I will show the go-to tools I use to keep my blog going. All of them have a different role in my workflow, like writing new blog posts, inspiration, design and organization.

By the way: Some of the links are affiliate or referral links and I might earn a small commission when you buy something using them.

However, I genuinely love to use all of those sites and am not paid to talk about any of these.

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#1 Creative Market

Creative Market is a fantastic website for all kinds of design resources. You can get beautifully created fonts, different brushes for photoshop and procreate, WordPress themes for bloggers, templates for various applications and many more things.

I love to use it to download new fonts and sometimes brushes to create beautiful and unique graphics for my website.

Furthermore, every Monday Creative Market offers “Six design goods of the week” which usually include fonts, templates, graphics and other for you to download entirely for free.

Make sure to check it out, and if you don’t feel like spending money on those tools yet, you can visit the website every week to claim your free goods. (I promise they have some REALLY COOL stuff for you completely for free)

I love it and use it and, I got some unique fonts and photoshop brushes for as low as 2€ and would recommend it to everyone to quickly level up your designs.

Btw, if you want to check it out, I’ve linked the current free goodies down below!

Powered by Creative Market

#2 Tailwind

Tailwind is another website I love to use. This one is not about the process of blogging itself, but more about the distribution of your blog posts.

As mentioned before, an essential website for sharing your content online is Pinterest. Pinterest is kind of a search engine for blog posts, but if you don’t know much about it yet, I’ve got a blog post about it here.

However, Pinterest alone can be quite a lot of work, and that’s where I use Tailwind. You can schedule your pins for the next week, let them automatically be repinned a few days later, post in tribes (where it’s more likely that other people repost your pin) and so on.

Tailwind basically has a lot of excellent features to skyrocket your blog traffic. Yes, doing all of that manually in Pinterest is possible, but things like the auto-scheduled calendar make Tailwind a lot easier and less time-consuming.

Furthermore, the engagement rate in the Tailwind tribes is fantastic, so that’s a plus, too!

If you want to try it, you can get 15€ credit, which equals one month for free (without adding your credit card or anything) Just try it by following the link down below!

#3 Grammarly


Grammarly is another tool which has become crucial for my blog. As I’m actually from Austria, I am not a native English speaker. However, Grammarly makes it super easy to maintain an English blog.

Furthermore, I’m a person who rereads a text a lot of times and still finds some more mistakes. Therefore, having a tool do that for me is time-saving and makes me feel more confident in publishing my posts.

It corrects me whenever I spell something wrong and, as I got the pro version, even improves my writing. I would recommend getting the free version to try it.

The free version can already help you so much and corrects all the major grammatical mistakes. If you still feel like you need or want more, you can then upgrade to pro. However, the free version is already super helpful!

I can’t stress enough how much it has helped me to get my blog posts out in time without wasting a lot of time correcting them over and over again.

It’s definitely helped me to be more confident when putting my posts out. That’s why I would recommend it to every other blogger, too!

#4 WordPress

My WordPress Home Screen

Opposed to the rest of the applications on here, WordPress is a platform, where you can start your blog. As a blogger, you probably already know it, but I want to talk about why I like it so much!

The reason why WordPress is on this list is that at first, I ran my blog on another platform called “Jimdo”. Now, I genuinely don’t think that Jimdo is a lousy platform for people who want to create a website, but it is not as good for blogs as WordPress.

Especially when you run a blog, interacting with other people is essential. WordPress has several functions which make interaction easy. You have the reader, where you can follow other bloggers, can quickly answer comments, create and easily embed your Gravatar and so on.

Furthermore, the tools for bloggers are amazing and make blogging super simple. On my former platform, I always had to categorize my posts and didn’t have a lot of choice on how I want to display everything. Now I can easily create a Tag cloud, archives, categories, and so much more.

These are just a few of the advantages of WordPress, but my message is: if you have a blog, consider moving it to WordPress. The tools it offers make it so easy to focus on your writing and still have an aesthetically pleasing and functional website.

If you want to find out more about WordPress, I’ve got a YouTube video where I explain the whole website over here.

#5 Planoly

My Schedule on Planoly
My Calendar on Planoly

Planoly is a tool that helps you schedule your Instagram posts. By scheduling your posts before you upload them, you can easily maintain an Instagram theme, or simply view your pictures before posting.

The reason I recommend Planoly is because it has a lot of amazing features! Firstly, you can add your pictures from your mobile app on your phone or tablet, or even on your computer.

Furthermore, scheduling your posts is super easy. You simply add your posts to a calendar. The app will then remind you when you need to posts it or auto-post.

Posting is also more comfortable since you can pre-write your captions. You can also store your hashtags in different collections, so you got them right where you need them.

I love all of the features Planoly offers, so I’d recommend it to everyone who wants to post regularly!

I really hope some of those were helpful and you can also share your favourite websites, applications or tools with me!

By the way, I’m already working on part two as I still got a lot more websites I love to use, so make sure to come back for that!:)


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