Review: Organic Basics ||A Fair Fashion brand from Copenhagen

Organic Basics Packaging

A few weeks ago, Organic Basics reached out to me and asked whether I wanted to test some of their products.

As I always search for new fair fashion pieces and this was a brand I wanted to order from for quite some time, I agreed and was very excited for their products to arrive!

I got the triangle bra, 2 briefs and a basic tee – all in black. The package arrived within a few days and everything was shipped without plastic!

If you want to get something as well, you can get 10 % off your whole order with the code “CARRIEOB”. Just make sure to apply it at checkout.

But first, let’s talk about what I think if the items and whether I think they are worth it!


The quality of the pieces seems very promising. I’ve worn everything quite a few times now and it all keeps it’s shape after washing.

I’m positive that I will keep my pieces for long as everything seems very robust, the fabric is rather thick and the seams are clean and well sewed.


All of the pieces are very comfortable. Especially the underwear is extremely comfortable, as the fabric of bra as well as the briefs is rather thick and super soft to wear. The bra is by far my favourite right now!

The fabric of the shirt is rather thin and elastic. I enjoy thicker shirts more, but that’s my personal preference. It’s still made out of a very soft fabric and of good quality.

Fit / Sizing

The fit is pretty much as expected from what it states online.

The tee has a rather slim fit. Therefore, I ordered a size L for it to be a little oversized. I ordered the bra and briefs in M and compared to other things I wear, M is a little on the bigger side, but still fits me well.

Basically, if you normally vary between two sizes, I would recommend going for the smaller one (for the underwear). Next time I order a bra, I will try to size it down to S, as I think it might fit as well!


As you may know, fair fashion is a huge topic in my life and on my blog. Therefore, I only buy and support ethical brands. (Which made me even happier when Organic Basics approached me!).

The Fabrics

Firstly, I like to look what fabric everything is made out of. Organic Basics states that they only use either organic cotton or recycled fabrics. Both are more sustainable than conventional fabrics and are therefore good choices when buying fair fashion.

Organic basics has infos about all their fabrics here:

Sustainable Practices

A little add- on: You may have heard some bad things about cotton in general (like water usage). However, organic cotton has a way lower water footprint than regular cotton. There are also some other advantages of organic cotton, but I would explain this in another blogpost if you want me to!

Right now, you can find all the info you need here:

The garments

Secondly, I also care about the production of the garments themselves. The brand is transparent when it comes to their production and all the info regarding it can be found here:

Sustainable Practices

Their products are produced in European countries, where their workers are paid fair wages. There is no case of child labour or exploitation. Furthermore, you can find pictures of their factories on their website, as well as infos about every single fabric!

Make sure to visit the link to their website to find out more as I truly appreciate their transparency when it comes to their whole production process!

So, is it worth it?

The pieces by Organic basics are a little on the expensive side, so you may ask yourself: Is it worth it?

My genuine opinion is yes. I am completely satisfied with the product, the production process and the shipping.

Although I got these items for free, I’m positive that I’m going to reorder something from Organic Basics in the future, as I am truly in love with the pieces I already own!

I’m a student myself, so I can’t really afford buying expensive fashion everyday. However, when it comes to these items, I am sure that I’m going to keep my purchases for years, so it will pay off on the long run.

Furthermore, fair fashion always has its price, but I’m happy to pay more in order to stand up against the exploitation of garment workers, pollution of the environment and child labour. In the end, your purchase goes a long way.

So, if you’re currently looking for some fair underwear, tee’s or sportswear, make sure to take a look at their shop! You can use my Code “CARRIEOB” for 10% off on your whole order! (limited time offer)

One last little tip: If you know someone who plans to order something as well, make sure to order together to save money on the shipping. (I always do that when ordering online as I hate to pay a lot for shipping haha)

Lastly, I just want to state that all opinions are my own and I wasn’t paid to write this post, I’m simply really happy with the products I got and gladly recommend them! Furthermore, some links in this post are affiliate links and I get a small commission when you order something using them.

Thank you for reading!


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