Photo Diaries: Ios, Cyclades, Greece

The third stop on our island hopping trip was the so-called “party island” Ios. However, it was rather silent when we arrived. For most of the islands the season is over in the middle of September and most people go back to their homes. That change of state actually forced us to go a little slower with the partying and explore the island more, and I’m actually super thankful for that.

So let’s start with our hostel. We chose a party hostel called “Far out beach hostel” because we decided beforehand that Ios would be a little more about partying than the other islands. However, when we arrived they already had their ending party, so we pretty much just went there to sleep. That wasn’t that much of a problem since our rooms were super small anyway.

On our first day on Ios we rented some woads and took a little tour to the city centre. When you go up the hill through the inner city, you find a beautiful typical greek church and some amazing views of the island.

In the evening we went to some bars in the city and met quite a few people. However, going out off season was definitely a little lonely, so I’d recommend getting on a pub crawl, or just following one around like we did.

On the second day we stayed a little at the beach next to our hostel and read about a beautiful boat tour that started there. As said, it started at our beach (Mylopotas beach) and we’d return after sunset.

The boat tour was amazing and I’d definitely recommend it to everyone. We saw a lot of beautiful places. Secret beaches, caves and went snorkelling. At the end of the day they finished it off by taking us to a millionaires mansion where we could watch the sunset on the terrace.

The next day, we decided to take a tour around the island and visit homer’s grave. On our way to the grave we passed by some rocky streets and simply a lot of empty land.

After visiting the grave, we continued our trip on several famous beaches and then ended it at the amphitheatre located next to the city. Once we went back to our hostel we had some delicious pizza to properly end our last day.

If you want to see some more impressions of our trip to Greece, make sure to watch the video below! 🙂

Also, here is a video where I tell you EVERYTHING about our trip and give you some tips if you plan to go in detail!


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