Photo diaries: Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos was the first stop of our island hopping trip back in 2017. There couldn’t have been a better start to our vacation.

We took the ferry from Thira (which took about 6 hours to get to Mykonos) and then arrived in the evening. A small shuttle bus came and took us to our hostel.

The hostel couldn’t have been better. We stayed at the Paraga beach hostel. It was not too expensive and also had its own bay where we could stay and dive into the water.

The only downside: to make our stay as cheap as possible, we decided to get a tent. I actually got a mosquito bite on my eye during the first night. Not fun. If you actually want to know more about the things you should know before starting your trip, make sure to check out my other blog post here:

Things you should know: Island hopping in Greece

The ocean was beautiful and I’ve never before seen such clear water. You could easily dive with your eyes opened as it was not stingy at all. And it was possible to look down till the ground.

Exploring the ocean and the beautiful rock formations there was my favourite thing to do. You could climb across the rocks and you’d find some beautiful views and beaches.

Whenever we decided to go out at night, we would find ourselves at Guapa Loco. A rather famous club at the bay next to ours.

The people there were really friendly and meeting new people was definitely one of the most interesting things along the trip. There was also a rather old man with his walking stick dancing there every night. If you’re ever there, let me know whether he is still dancing.

The city was not as close as the bay, but it didn’t matter since the hostel provided a shuttle service which would take us there in a few minutes. The inner city was beautiful. It had it all: the typical white and blue houses, the windmills and a stunning view of the ocean.

After strolling through the city we became hungry and decided to go and get some Gyros. Gyros is definitely our go to when it comes to a cheap meal in Greece and we had a LOT during our trip, but more about that later on.

The Gyros we had there was (I believe) our first one during the trip and it tasted AMAZING. We had it at Salaki’s and the people there were super friendly. By the way, Shay Mitchell also went to Mykonos (about a month after us) and she went to the same place. So it can’t be bad. And yes, I did recognize it after seeing it just for a few seconds in her video (not creepy).

Shay’s Greece Video

That was basically all we did in Mykonos. Our favourite activity was definitely staying by the ocean and chilling with some stray cats. I fell in love with some baby cats who would even sometimes come after me and cuddle.

That was it for our first stop and see you next time when I talk a bit about our time in Paros. If you like my photo diaries please let me know by liking and sharing.

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