Photo diaries: Paros, Greece

Paros was the second stop of our island hopping trip. It was the perfect getaway after our stay in Mykonos. Paros was definitely a calmer and less frequently visited island, but it was the first one we fully explored.

That’s because it was the first place where we rented some quads. We shared two quads and explored the whole island in a day.

If you want the exact itinerary, I will try to remember it and write it down. Anyways, let’s start with how we came to Paros!

Day one

It took us a little more than an hour to get to Paros by ferry. Once we arrived, we were already at the centre, so there was no need for a shuttle bus.

We took a quick walk and after a few minutes already reached our hostel. Our hostel (hostel Festos) was located in the middle of town surrounded by some beautiful streets.

We took a little walk and strolled through the centre. As we arrived in the morning, we decided to get some lunch and kept our eyes open for some restaurants. A lovely restaurant caught our attention pretty quickly.

Sadly, I don’t remember the name of it. It was a beautiful place, serving Greek food where we could sit outside. I believe a family ran the business and some stray cats chilled next to us. It just had that kind of calm that really makes you relax and feel happy in seconds.

The first day, we spent entirely in Paros. We started it with some breakfast in our hostel, which was by the way very charming. Afterwards, we strolled a little bit through the inner city of Paros. There were a lot of lovely local shops there, so make sure to watch out for them, too.

While walking through the city, we randomly met Aidan. A guy we got to know at our hostel on Mykonos.

He showed us a really good place called „To Souvlaki Tou Pepe“, where we had some Gyros. To finish off the day, we just sat down at the harbour and drank some wine.

Day two

For the second day in Paros, we decided to drive along the coast together and stop by the most astonishing beaches.

Of course, to fully explore the island, we needed some ATVs. These were our first quads, so we were pretty excited about it. The rental was pretty easy and seamless. However, blinded by our excitement, we completely forgot to check the ratings of the place.

Our ATVs were super slow and sometimes felt like they’d break apart when we’d go too fast (which ironically wasn’t possible anyway). They also didn’t give us any helmets.

However, the trip was a lot of fun and took us exactly one day. We’d start in the city centre and continue to drive along the coast in the northern direction.

We stopped at quite a few beaches and each time cooled ourselves in the water. Some were quite busy, and others were empty and idyllic.

After a few stops at several beaches, we decided to grab some lunch at a restaurant we saw on the way. The restaurant was beautiful and almost empty when we got there.

They were quite a lot of tables to sit outside and also a pool, which we sadly didn’t jump into. The food was also excellent and satisfying enough for the rest of our trip.

When we continued our trip, we stumbled upon a “Butterfly Garden”. There was a pretty low entry fee, so we decided to check it out. It had all kinds of tropical, dark green plants in it and you could, of course, see some butterflies.

Our next stops were again beaches and some smaller cities. At the end of the day, we’d end up on a little hill in the south of the city centre, where we watched the sunset together.

What we especially loved about Paros was that it was a much calmer island than the others, which we truly needed after our stay in Mykonos. It just seemed a lot more like a place you could imagine yourself living.

So that’s already everything we experienced in Paros. Again, I will reconstruct our itinerary and share it with you in one of the following posts. Thanks a lot for reading and if you think about heading to Paros and have any other questions feel free to comment.


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