Photo Diaries: Santorini, Cyclades, Greece

Santorini was the last stop on our island hopping tour on the cyclades. At the end of our trip we were all already pretty tired, but also excited for the most hyped island of them all! Also, if you missed any of my previous posts about the cyclades, make sure to check them out!

Also: If you’re just here for the impressions, or want to see a little bit more, make sure to take a look at the video below, as I mainly filmed during our trip! Now, let’s get started with a little recap of our time in Santorini!

Our hostel

We stayed at a place called “Tony’s art villa“, which was lovely from the day on we arrived. The hostel is located in Perissa and it is just one big house separated into different rooms. The place was very exceptional. It was one of just a few places, where all 5 of us could stay in the same room. The room itself was also really beautiful. We had three beds, a small kitchenette and a bathroom. one of the beds was a loft bunk, so we could view the whole room from above.

Furthermore, there were quite a few stray cats, which our hostel took care of. We even had a mother with her baby cats staying in the backyard. I personally, really appreciate that as stray cats do have a hard life on the Greek islands, however, we only had good encounters with some.

Perissa was a small village on the southern side of the island. Right next to us was the Perissa beach, which is famous for its black sand. Luckily our area wasn’t too crowded, but there were still quite a few places to eat out and some places to relax on the beach. We, as always, rented some quads to explore the rest of the island.

My friends in our room at Tony's
My friends in our room at Tony’s

Santorini Sunsets

Greek city during sunset
Sunset from where we stood

We visited the probably most famous spot on the cyclades, the cities of Oia. The city itself was beautiful, but sadly way too crowded. Despite the fact that we were there after the season (mid September), there were still a bunch of people on the island.

Apparently, Oia is really famous for its sunsets. So we decided to come back during the sunset another day. on our way to the island, we were already stuck in some traffic. After we parked our quads, the traffic became even worse. All of the people there wanted to see the sunset and went up to the spot where you can see it best. Therefore, we decided to stay at a less crowded spot, which was still in the city centre. We waited for the sunset there, which was truly stunning, but in my opinion not worth pushing through the crowd. If I return, I’d rather watch it somewhere else.

Greek city during sunset
In the back, you can see the people on the “perfect sunset spot”

The beaches of Santorini

The next day we spent by doing a little beach hopping tour with our quads. As Santorini is a volcano island, it is famous for its unusual beaches. We visited the red, white and black beach. All of these looked stunning and were definitely worth visiting as we’ve never been to such beaches before. My favourite one was the red beach, as the huge cliffs that surround it are overwhelming. Sadly, the water on the red beach was not as beautiful as in the more rocky places. The sand made it foggy and there was quite a lot of algae. The beaches are still worth visiting, even just for the views.

Cliff jumping in Fira

Cliff jumping rock
My friends jumping

On our last day, we decided to look for a famous cliff jumping spot, not far from Fira. After quite a long walk, we found it and spent our day there. The water was super clear there and the “cliff” is perfect for beginners. There are no rocks beneath and some stairs to get up. Reaching the spot is a little tricky. Wear comfortable shoes and don’t take too much with you, especially when it comes to valuables, as there is not much space. If you’re travelling alone, count in that you have to swim to the spot where you can jump down the cliff. So make sure to only carry things you can leave at the bay or a waterproof bag with you.

the old harbour
The old port of Fira (as seen from the Karavolades stairs)

How do I get there?

To get there you basically have to go down the Karavolades stairs, until you reach the old port of Fira. Those stairs are famous for the donkeys, also known as “donkey taxis” as they can carry you up or down. However, please don’t fall for this tourist attraction. Forcing them to go up and down these 588 stairs the whole day, without any shade or water, is animal abuse.

So, after you reach the old port, go left. You will pass a few restaurants and then see a rocky path (picture below on the left). The paths to reach the point are not very beautiful so count that in when going. You basically continue until you can see the cliff jumping rock and the little rock/platform, where the people relax. I’d definitely revisit this spot, when I’m back in Santorini someday. It is not only great for cliff jumping, but you also have some great views on the cities Fira and Oia!

That’s it for the final post about our trip to Greece. I hope it was helpful to some of you and see you next time! PS: I also made a YouTube video where I go more into depth about what we did and what to know, linked below!

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