Raise your Productivity | 7 tips to be more productive!

Especially during the summer break staying productive is probably hard for a lot of people. At least for me, it is. With all this time until I meet my deadlines ahead of me, it gets hard to sit down and actually get things done.

And when I do, I tend to procrastinate and do other things A LOT. So, here are some tips that actually helped me raise my productivity level, get back on track with my to-dos and get things done!

Tips & Timestamps

  • 0:30 There’s a difference between productivity and hidden procrastination
  • 1:38 If you write down a to-do list, do it beforehand
  • 2:28 Keep all your things in one place / in a designated place
    • 3:10 You can keep notes, digital things and data in Notion
    • 3:47 Keep files in a Cloud, so you always got them when you need them
  • 4:32 Just do it!
  • 5:35 Set a pomodoro timer
  • 6:28 Keep your space clean
  • 6:57 Use your phone less

Applications mentioned

  • Notion (aka best organisation tool ever)
  • Forest (Timer, that keep you away from your phone)

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