How to start out on Pinterest!

Pinterest has been one of the most confusing social networks for me for years. I never understood the concept of the page. Whenever I clicked on a picture a page popped up, but I never understood why exactly. Until I one day read that Pinterest was about blogs.

All these years I thought that it was about inspiration and sharing images (similar to WeHeartit or Instagram) when it was just all about blogs. And I still talk to a lot of people who tell me they just don’t get Pinterest. So here’s a quick guide to one of the biggest social networks.

Photo by Charles 🇵🇭 on Unsplash

#1 Looking for a blog?

So, if you’re as confused about Pinterest as I was, you may also be confused about blogs. One thing I always asked myself was: How can I find nice blogs to read? Well, the answer’s simple: Pinterest.

Pinterest is basically a search engine (like Google) for blog posts. Meaning you can search for anything your heart desires and all those pictures that come up are actually title pictures of blog posts about your topic. So whenever you click on them you actually find a nice new blog to explore.

#2 What is the difference between Pinterest and other social media platforms?

As I’ve mentioned before, Pinterest is actually not a typical social network. You don’t just create a post to talk about your day or share your favourite food.

No, every post you share actually has to include a link to your blog, blog post, Instagram post, youtube video or whatever your heart desires (preferably blog posts as that is the type of content people are looking for when searching Pinterest).

In addition to your link, you also upload a cover image (preferably upright) that is appealing to the people searching. If you want to read more about how to create a good pin click here.

Pinterest pin
One of my pins and its headline and description

#3 Why should I pin stuff?

If you’re not a blogger, pinning stuff can be helpful if you want to remember specific blog posts in order to read them later. As a blogger, it’s even more than that.

Pinterest is actually the most effective tool for generating blog traffic. Therefore, you should make sure that you already got some different pinboards, which fit your blog categories. You can then pin your and other peoples blog posts to them to efficiently share your content.

#4 What are group boards?

Another great way to generate blog traffic by using Pinterest is group boards. Group boards are pin-boards that are actually managed by groups (and not just one person). You can find a lot of them by searching on the Internet or Facebook.

Once you got into a group board, you can actually post your posts there and share it with a bigger audience. A lot of group boards also got specific rules, like, for example, you have to repin a pin of the board for every post you add. That way your pin generates even more traffic because it won’t only be seen on the group board, but also on the other members’ boards.

The opinions are different when it comes to group boards, many people state that they helped them, others say they didn’t. I personally think that they are great to start out at the beginning, however, once you have a few 1000 viewers per month, they will become less helpful.

Pinterest search bar
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#5 Can I do anything else besides pinning stuff?

Not really, though Pinterest is considered as one of the most confusing Social Networks it is actually quite simple. It’s just made for pinning and reading content.

You can organize your pins in different pin-boards and give those a description and heading. Besides that, you can also share your opinion on recipes, DIY’s or similar you tried by clicking on “Tries”. There you can upload a photo of your outcome and leave a comment.

I hope this post was helpful to everyone who had some struggles with Pinterest. If you have any more questions feel free to leave them in the comments. Also, if you want to, you can follow me on Pinterest here:


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